Green Card Stamp – U.S. Passport

Green card temporary stamp on U.S. passports  – don’t believe what they say! Our two adopted children clients from Angola were approved for their green cards yesterday. This was a very happy event given how difficult it had been to assemble all of the correct documents from Africa. We immediately made an INFOPASS appointment with… Read more »

Green Cards: Citizenship Application After Divorce

Green card was based on marriage ? Applying for citizenship  – even after divorce. There seems to be a new trend at USCIS in cases where the underlying green card was based on marriage but where the citizenship application is being filed after five years because the marriage ended in divorce. We know that when… Read more »

Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

Now that you have successfully obtained permanent resident status, or the green card, we would like to highlight for you the benefits of naturalizing as a U.S. citizen. Remember that unlike citizenship, a green card is a privilege and not a right and can be taken away from you for various reasons. Added Security United… Read more »