My green card has expired!?

What happens to my green card when my conditional permanent resident card expires?

Conditional permanent residence is granted for two years to spouses who qualify for the green card based upon marriage and the marriage took place less than 2 years prior to the grant of the conditional green card. In order to remove the condition, both spouses must sign and submit Form I-751, along with lots of evidence of the marriage, within the 90 day window prior to the expiration of the conditional green card status. If the couple is no longer together, as the foreign national, you would need to file for a waiver of the joint petition requirement. Once the I-751 is filed, you should receive a fee receipt which is to be used just like a green card – that means that you can use the fee receipt as proof of your green card status while USCIS is adjudicating your I-751. You can use it for work authorization, for travel, and for renewing your driver’s license. It serves as a temporary green card. It IS a temporary green card!!!

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