National Visa Center: Document Translations Needed?

National Visa Center (NVC) immigrant visa documents – to translate or not to translate, that is the question!

And the answer is to translate every document you present to the NVC into English despite what is written on the NVC website. In terms of civil documents, the NVC is requesting originals or certified copies either in the language of the consulate or embassy where you will be applying for your immigrant visa, or in English. Don’t believe what you read. Our clients just went for their immigrant visa processing in Moscow with untranslated Russian police certificates. The consular officer sent them away with instructions to come back with notarized English translations. We don’t know where that particular officer found the authority for that particular request, but it had to be complied with, causing delays and inconvenience for our clients. Moral of the story – get everything translated into English JUST IN CASE!!!


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