Fiancé/Marriage/ Family

Green Card: Maintenance Of Status

What happens to my green card if I have to be overseas for long stretches of time? This is a question that often arises in our office. Our first advice is to remind clients that each time they return to the U.S. they are essentially knocking at the door and requesting permission to enter. Each… Read more »

Green Cards: Proving U.S. Citizenship for Family-based Sponsorship

During green card processing by USCIS, the concern is with the birth certificate of the foreign national. For example, many applicants from India do not have a valid birth certificate. Instead, they have a hospital record of the fact of the birth but without the names of the parents. This situation would then require secondary… Read more »

National Visa Center: Document Translations Needed?

National Visa Center (NVC) immigrant visa documents – to translate or not to translate, that is the question! And the answer is to translate every document you present to the NVC into English despite what is written on the NVC website. In terms of civil documents, the NVC is requesting originals or certified copies either… Read more »

Green Card Stamp – U.S. Passport

Green card temporary stamp on U.S. passports  – don’t believe what they say! Our two adopted children clients from Angola were approved for their green cards yesterday. This was a very happy event given how difficult it had been to assemble all of the correct documents from Africa. We immediately made an INFOPASS appointment with… Read more »

Diversity Visa Program Scams

Beware – Diversity Visa Program Scammers Sending Fraudulent Emails and Letters! The U.S. Department of State has reported an uptick in the number of fraudulent emails and letters sent to Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) program applicants. The scammers are posing as representatives of the U.S. government in an attempt to extract payment from DV applicants…. Read more »

Another Request for Evidence – Oh No!

Are Requests for Evidence Inevitable? I am afraid so. We and all of our colleagues, despite submitting enormous filings containing evidence on every conceivable point, are seeing Requests for Evidence (RFE) in nearly all of our cases. These days a case that goes through without an RFE is the exception and not the rule. We… Read more »

My green card has expired!?

What happens to my green card when my conditional permanent resident card expires? Conditional permanent residence is granted for two years to spouses who qualify for the green card based upon marriage and the marriage took place less than 2 years prior to the grant of the conditional green card. In order to remove the… Read more »

Green Card Medical Exam

Every applicant for a green card must undergo a medical exam from an immigration approved physician and must be up to date on all required vaccinations. The results of the exam must be sealed in an envelope by the physician and submitted unopened to USCIS. However, you absolutely must request a photocopy of the exam… Read more »

Section 245(i) Pathway to Green Card Update

Section 245(i) – pathway for green card for many who would otherwise be barred – still alive and well in many circumstances. If you think that all the benefits of Section 245(i) disappeared on April 30, 2001 – think again !! Following the guidance of a USCIS memo of 2005 there are still many ways… Read more »

Green Cards: Citizenship Application After Divorce

Green card was based on marriage ? Applying for citizenship  – even after divorce. There seems to be a new trend at USCIS in cases where the underlying green card was based on marriage but where the citizenship application is being filed after five years because the marriage ended in divorce. We know that when… Read more »