Another Account of Non-Attorneys Scamming Artists

As reported on by the Hollywood Reporter, another non-attorney providing O visa legal services has been charged with multiple counts of cheating artists after promising to get O-1 visas. As provided in part by the article:

“The Saskatchewan native allegedly operated a Los Angeles-area immigration consulting business that sought O-1 visas on behalf of aspiring foreign actors. He’s charged with 32 misdemeanor counts, including three counts of grand theft, one count of practicing law without a license, and 28 counts of violating provisions of the Immigration Consultant Act. If convicted, Boryski could face up to one year in jail for each count, or 32 years.”

This is another reminder that having a non-attorney prepare such an important process for you is an extremely risky thing to do. Not only could it create a negative immigration record but you expose yourself to potential scams and end up without a visa and having lost money. REmemebr that licensed attorneys are held to much higher standards then non-attorneys and all attorney records are public record which can be found on all State Bar websites, for example, the California State Bar attorney search,

Read the complete scam article here, Please beware!

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