Immigrant Entrepreneurs – Key to Jumpstarting our Economy

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece yesterday, two private sector CEOs – Mr. Muller and Mr. Zimpleman – came together to make the case for getting rid of rules that discourage entrepreneurs from launching and growing new businesses. They want to find ways to let entrepreneurs “work their magic.” The CEOs put forth what the Kauffman Foundation has aptly called the Startup Act, the centerpiece of which is letting into the U.S. immigrant entrepreneurs who hire American workers. What a concept! Instead of sending newly-minted foreign born PhD.s home, let’s allow them a pathway to residency in the U.S. by way of a new entrepreneur visa that has real teeth. We desperately need their energy, their brains, and yes, their start-up funds. As Mr. Muller and Mr. Zimpleman argue, we “we can’t let our entrepreneurship brand be tarnished, ”, which, after all, has become the beacon of light among nations. All of us know where the energy that drives our economy comes from—new companies with new ideas that build confidence and optimism. And who are the energetic bearers of those new ideas? The skilled and talented immigrants, of course!


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