Immigration Policy and Legislative Initiatives

Anti-Immigrant Provisions in bill passed by House of Representatives

Numerous Anti-Immigrant Provisions in bill passed by house on October 8, 2004. On October 8, 2004, the House debated and voted on H.R. 10 as well as a number of immigration-related amendments to the bill. Unfortunately, the bill passed by a large margin (282-134) and contains a number of extremely troubling provisions, including: a broad… Read more »

The “Visa Animals” Security Clearances

Security Clearances for Visa Processing at Consulates Abroad Changes in Visa Application Procedures On August 1, 2003 the United States Consular Posts made dramatic changes to Visa Application procedures. In the past, applicants were originally allowed to send their information by mail or through a courier (or travel) service, and then received their passport with… Read more »