Intra-company Transfers

L-1B Specialized Knowledge Definition Getting Clearer

Recent Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) rulings have helped clarify the specialized knowledge requirement for L-1B Intracompany Transfers. As we have noted at our website, the L non-immigrant work visa category is a very useful tool for international companies needing to bring foreign employees to the United States. In order for the employees of companies located… Read more »

L-1B Restrictive Interpretation Escalating at USCIS/DOS

L-1B “specialized knowledge” – we are seeing concerted government effort to restrict the number of visas issued. We have been noticing a trend within USCIS and the State Department to restrict the number of L-1B visas by narrowly applying key terms that appear in the statutory, regulatory and policy materials that address and define the… Read more »

“Intermittent” L-1 visas: A Little-known but Useful Option for Multinationals

L-1 status can be extended indefinitely under certain circumstances Normally, L-1 intra-company transferees may work in the U.S. on long-term assignments for a limited cumulative maximum period of either seven years (L-1A executives and managers) or five years (L-1B specialized knowledge workers). What may not be well known is that L-1 visa holders who visit… Read more »

Work Visas: RFE and Denial Rates Soaring

Soaring denial and RFE rates for L-1 and H-1B petitions are hurting U.S. business We knew it but no-one official was acknowledging it. Finally, a recent study from the National Foundation for American Policy  – a non-partisan public policy research organized based in Virginia, released data showing that USCIS has dramatically increased denials of L-1… Read more »