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What is an L-1 visa? How do I know if I qualify?

The L-1 visa provides a great opportunity to live and work in the U.S. If you have been employed continuously for at least one out of the last three years by a foreign company or if you own a foreign company, which already is, or will be, related in ownership to a U.S. company (parent,… Read more »

E-2 Visa—How much do I need to invest?

Our E-2 visa immigration clients often as this question during the initial E-2 visa consultation. As the E-2 treaty investor visa is premised on an individual entering the U.S. or being transfered to the U.S. to operate or work with a business that was established via capital investment this is a valid and worthwhile question… Read more »

E-2 visa holders: Does it matter how much money I earn

In some ways it does. When applying for your E-2 visa the immigration service or consular officer abroad will consider whether the E visa business will be able to support you and other employees. More particularly there is a question of marginality of the E2 enterprise. This marginality refers to whether the E visa business… Read more »

E-2 Visa Capital Investment Issues

The E-2 visa is a great U.S. visa option for those from particular treaty countries. As an immigration lawyer who works with E-2 visas I can state that this visa option is often a great immigration opportunity for entrepreneurs. The E-2 visa compared to the EB-5 investor based green card generally requires a far smaller… Read more »

Fulbright J-1 Waivers: Not Happening

Fulbright J-1 Waivers are rarely approved As we prepare to send off yet another J-1 waiver application to the Department of State for an “extraordinary ability” cancer researcher on a J-1 visa funded by Fulbright Australia, we are worried that we are going to hit another wall for this Fulbright scholar even though our application… Read more »

Another Account of Non-Attorneys Scamming Artists

As reported on by the Hollywood Reporter, another non-attorney providing O visa legal services has been charged with multiple counts of cheating artists after promising to get O-1 visas. As provided in part by the article: “The Saskatchewan native allegedly operated a Los Angeles-area immigration consulting business that sought O-1 visas on behalf of aspiring… Read more »

GOP finally turning on anti-immigration organizations?

Groups including FAIR and NumbersUSA are among these organizations who have always help agitate the anti-immigration sentiment based on unfounded arguments rooted in bigotry. The Republican party has had close ties with many of these organizations over long periods of time. It appears that the political pressure on Republicans though may finally help expose these… Read more »

L-1 Visas—How long can I stay in the U.S.?

Helping clients with L visa applications as an immigration lawyer in the U.S. I often get asked how long an L-1 visa allows an individual and their immediate family members live in the U.S. An L-1 visa allows you to stay in the United States for an initial period of up to three years, unless… Read more »

What is an L-1 visa? How do I know if I qualify?

If you have been employed continuously for at least one out of the last three years by a foreign company related in ownership to a U.S. company (parent, branch, affiliate or subsidiary), you may qualify for the L-1 visa.  This one-year of continuous employment must have been served outside of the United States.  However, under… Read more »

Who Qualifies as a ‘Child’ for Family-Based Immigration Purposes?

This is a question that comes up often as the immigration laws view children differently across various contexts. In family based green card applications a child of a U.S. Citizen is eligible to file for a green card as an ‘immediate relative’ which saves years of potential waiting time. A child, in this context, is… Read more »