Emergency Travel: Don’t Leave Home Without It

If emergency travel must be taken during green card processing, don’t leave home without your travel document! It always comes when we least expect it. A medical emergency at home and all of a sudden we have a green card applicant stranded here when all she wants to do is fly home to the bedside… Read more »

What controls the length of my stay in the U.S., my visa stamp or I-94?

I have often seen this extremely important question arise as a result of what I believe to be unclear instructions and explanations given to individuals when they present themselves at U.S. Consulates or at ports of entries such as airports when entering the U.S.  The misunderstanding arises when individuals believe that the validity dates indicated on… Read more »

Approved Green Card: Can I Travel?

My green card application has been approved – I need to travel tomorrow – what do I do? We often see cases where the Adjustment of Status (green card) application is approved within one or two days after the interview and the client is all set to travel and does not have time to wait… Read more »