US to UK Settlement Visa Procedure Changes

The UK Border Agency has changed the location for applying for a UK settlement visa from the US.

Specifically, for individuals looking to establish permanent residence in the UK, the Home Office’s UK Border Agency has set a new office to receive these settlement visa applications:

UK Visas and Immigration,
International Operations and Visa,
6 Millsands,
S3 8NH,
United Kingdom

The UK Border Agency notes that “If you are applying for settlement you must send your application to our visa processing office in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Once we have made a decision on your application, your passport and supporting documents will be sent back to you.” We believe the effective date of this change was around July 1, 2013.

Please note that for all other UK visa types, the application address in the US remains New York:

UK Visas and Immigration,
British Consulate-General,
845 Third Avenue,
New York,
NY, 10022,

You can learn more about various US to UK visa issues at our website and in previous blog posts.

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